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Shawn Hostetter of Katadyn North America

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Doctor Prepper™ interviews Shawn Hostetter, President and member of the Board of Management, Katadyn North America. The American headquarters is located in Minneapolis MN, and a food manufacturing plant near Sacramento CA. The company name was created from “catalytic“ and “oligodynamic,” two typical designations for the processes utilized i n water treatment. The company was founded in 1928. The US subsidiary was created in 1980.

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Shawn worked with the Pur Water products division of Procter & Gamble, and was National Acounts Manager at Pur when it was acquired by Katadyn. Shawn has almost 15 years with Katadyn, starting with getting on board as VP/Sales back in 2001, and just 10 years later, ascending to the Presidency of the company’s North American subsidiary.

Shawn’s current responsibilities for Katadyn North America include management of all North American corporate management, production, marketing, and sales of brands such as:

  • Katadyn filters––the world’s #1 supplier of portable water purification products, with a worldwide market share exceeding 50%! Water purification systems and products for outdoor, travelling, and camping. The company also manufactures mobile, hand-operated, and electrically-powered desalinators.
  • AlpineAire Foods––meals for camping and long-term storage. AlpineAire Foods (formerly TyRy Foods)has been producing quality freeze-dried, dehydrated, and ready-to-eat instant meals, side dishes, breakfasts, soups and desserts for more than 30 years
  • Richmoor Freeze-dried Foods––known for highest-quality wilderness dining; freeze-dried outdoor and expedition food for the US markets

The Katadyn Group is further diversified in the outdoor market with popular outdoor and camping brands:

  • Optimus Stoves––expedition quality outdoor stoves; cookware and accessories
  • Trek’n Eat––Freeze-dried outdoor and expedition food for the European markets
  • AQUAFIDES––Products for industrial and municipal water treatment via UV disinfection

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