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Interview with Robert Vicino

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Robert Vicinos, President of The Vivos Group

Robert Vicinos, President of The Vivos Group

Today’s interview by Doctor Prepper is with Robert Vicino, who has created a life assurance company.

Vivos offers many shelter solutions to suit both budgetary restraints and personal requirements. Vivos’ community member co-owned shelters are typically less expensive per person than building an individual structure due to the benefits of fractional ownership of the overall shelter by each shelter group.

Private Shelters: The Quantum private shelters are perfect for those families or groups that want total privacy on their own land, virtually anywhere in the world. Either way, Vivos has real life-assurance options for individuals, groups, and their loved ones! Go here to learn more about the Quantum concept:

Vivos has strived to build and/or retrofit its massive community, co-ownership shelters to mitigate the anticipated forces of the worst-case catastrophes, both natural and manmade, including:

  • Flooding submersion to a depth of 150 feet for a short period of time
  • 20 megaton nuclear explosion from just 10 miles
  • Radiological, chemical and biological agents (NBC)
  • Solar flares with millions of volts and radiation
  • Flooding submersion for an extended period
  • A sudden pole shift
  • Asteroid or comet strikes
  • Social unrest and attack by marauders and forces
  • Super volcano ash fallout
  • Electromagnetic pulse blast (EMP)
  • Acts of terrorism
  • Forced entry and non-military armed assaults
  • Force 10 magnitude earthquakes in succession
  • 45 PSI of blast overpressure forces
  • 300+ MPH surface winds
  • Extreme external surface fires and temperature
  • Pandemics and viral diseases

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The above-mentioned list assumes strikes, blasts and explosions are not a direct or nearby hit. Our Quantum private shelters vary in their degree of resistance and mitigation of these threat scenarios, subject to the location of installation, soil conditions, elevation, amount of concrete and steel reinforcement provided by the customer on installation, the proximity to the actual threat or force, and other factors.

Quantum shelters also offer co-ownership shelter complexes to comfortably accommodate large groups of people, in spacious living quarters, outfitted and stocked for a minimum of one year of autonomous survival to ride out potential events. Virtually every detail has been considered and planned for, so members need only to arrive before their facility is locked down and secured from the chaos above the shelter.

Hardened Community Shelters: Included within the Vivos network is a group of existing hardened shelters built by governments during the Cold War for safety from nuclear attacks. These shelters vary in size, shape, and configuration, but in each case they were built to last for hundreds of years and withstand the forces of a 20-megaton nuclear blast within the range of a few miles distant. These shelters are completely retrofitted with state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical (via an internal power generation system), backup battery banks, deep-water wells, biological, chemical and radiation (NBC) air filtration systems, sewage discharge and disposal systems, and critical support equipment including off-road vehicles, extensive security devices, as well as all-new fit and finishes on virtually every surface. For a selection of images for Vivos Europa One, go to

Vivos shelters include complete and fully-furnished living quarters, with semi-private bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas, spacious lounges and meeting areas, computers, entertainment electronics, exercise equipment, a library or educational and entertainment materials, security devices, a detention area, vaults for valuables and munitions, a communications center, laundry facilities, repair shop, and more. We stock each shelter for up to one year of autonomous survival for the members, including an abundant supply of food, fuel, over-the-counter medicines, hygienic supplies, and toilet paper. Our larger shelters even include a medical and dental care center, up to and including x-ray equipment.

Vivos truly provides everything needed for the autonomous safety, security, comfort, and well-being of each of the co-owner members that inhabit these shelters.

Vivos shelters are managed by the respective Shelter Association Management Board with Vivos oversight. The Board elects a Shelter Director to oversee day-to-day operations, with special Emergency Response and Operational Teams for ongoing maintenance, services, replenishment, security and surveillance. The Association Bylaws and Emergency Response Plan governs every predictable condition and procedure, before and during a shelter lockdown.

Vivos Indiana––The Ultimate Shelter Strategically Located in Midwestern America: One of the most fortified, nuclear hardened shelters within the Vivos network is located within a one-day drive from anywhere in the Midwest and the Eastern seaboard of America.  Built during the Cold War to withstand a 20-megaton blast within just a few miles, this impervious underground complex accommodates up to 80 people, for a minimum of one year of fully autonomous survival, without needing to return to the surface.

Like a very comfortable 4-Star hotel, this massive shelter is tastefully and comfortably furnished and decorated, completely outfitted, fully stocked with food, toiletries, linens, medical supplies, a one year supply of fuel, a deep water well, NBC filtration systems, geothermal heating and cooling, bedroom suites, full size showers and bathrooms, a theater area, dining area, lounge area, exercise equipment, kennels, a garden area for fresh vegetables, laundry area, abundant storage areas, ATV’s, bicycles, tools, a workshop, security devices; and, just about everything else that may be needed to ride out virtually any catastrophic event.  You only need to bring your personal clothing and medications.  We’ve thought of everything else!


Far from any known nuclear targets, this shelter is also strategically located a safe distance away from the New Madrid fault line, the Mississippi River, and all oceans that might cause submersion as a result of a tsunami-type event.  The site is also surrounded by excellent farming, fishing, hunting and water resources.

Vivos Indiana provides an immediate solution since 2011 for events that may occur tomorrow, or at anytime in our future. Join this well-rounded group of like-minded individuals and you will have one of the best chances of survival.  Learn more about this shelter and you won’t want to be anywhere else at the moment of truth!

Finally, the Vivos Genome Bank: You can now store your DNA in a vault! For a very small sum, you can now store your individual DNA in a confidential, safe, and secure location.

Please contact  Barbi Grossman for more information. She is a tremendously knowledgeable person to answer specific questions. For more information or to arrange a personal interview, please contact:

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